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We protect Google Ad Campaigns for companies in a variety of industries. Featured in…


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Best Click Fraud Prevention Solution We’ve Tried

I run TrafficGuard to protect the ad spend of multiple clients. Campaigns are performing better than ever because spend previously wasted on ad fraud is now invested in showing ads to real people. I have tried some other anti-fraud tools and they have been very aggressive and blocked lots of real traffic. TrafficGuard shows me…

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Best PPC protection software

Best experience.

Pros: Duplicated IP automatically denied, many other interesting features.

Cons: I haven't found cons.

Ionut M. Marketing Manager, Automotive.


An absolute must for Google Ads campaigns

The team are extremely knowledgeable about how fraudulent clicks can infect a digital ads campaign. We've now integrated this software for 2 of our high profile clients who's ads are triggered by VPN users and the like. We learned that the software not only identifies and eliminates unwanted users from spending our ad money, but…

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Protecting you against…

Intelligent machine learning drives protection against known and unknown fraud tactics at multiple levels. Get protection for your ads.


Accidental Clicks

Sometimes as a result of poor page layout, people accidentally click ads. These clicks are worthless and invalid because the clicker has no genuine interest in the ad.


Click Farms

Groups of people organised to click on your ads. Click farms could be used by publishers, for example, to inflate engagement with ads on their website to earn more money.


Unknown Fraud Tactics

The nature of ad fraud is that it is constantly evolving. With an abundance of data across our universal suite of advertising verification tools, we are able to quickly and reliably invalid traffic as it evolves.



Bot traffic can be purchased online as another way for publishers to inflate their audiences; a way for competitors to exhaust your ad budgets; or a variety of other sabotage tactics.


Brand Haters

Unhappy customers or disgruntled employees that mobilize bots and click farms to hurt your advertising performance.



Maybe they want to take the top SERP spot. Maybe they just want to drain your budget out of malice. By exhausting your ad spend, your competitors can reduce your advertising return on investment by ensuring fewer people see your ads.

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3. Your Ads are Protected

We immediately start tracking your ad traffic, protecting you from the bad and enhancing the good.

Same spend. Better results.

Dollars not wasted on fraud help you reach more customers. This means more genuine ad engagement, better advertising ROI and improved advertising performance.

Save time and improve ROAS

Using TrafficGuard's PPC Protection you can stop wasting your ad spend on fraud, reach more real people and get better advertising results!

Say goodbye to blackbox fraud tools

See your traffic quality in real-time using TrafficGuard’s dashboard and reporting. Drill in to quality by campaign, geo, source and see the status of each individual click on your account for in depth visibility.

Protect against known and unknown tactics

Anomaly, classification and predictive algorithms determine validity of known and unknown types of fraud.

Get genuine ad engagement

No more bots, clicks farms or competitors clicks draining your ad spend. Just real ad engagement from your future customers.

Convert more customers and grow faster

TrafficGuard automatically detects invalid traffic and updates your IP blacklists so that you can focus efforts on optimisation and growth. 


Google Ads is not immune to fraud

TrafficGuard clients often see up to 25% of their Google Ads traffic is invalid. That is a quarter of their budget that is never able to generate any customers for their business! Google prevents some click fraud from taking your spend but ultimately, they don’t go far enough. That is why they allow 3rd party solutions like TrafficGuard to integrate with Google Ads and verify their traffic.

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