Juniper-NoBG-1Addressing Ad Fraud Through Multipoint Analysis and Machine Learning

As well as the wasted media spend, invalid traffic can impact digital advertising in a variety of ways. While there are many strategies and solutions available to mitigate invalid traffic, separating the capabilities from the spin can be difficult.

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  • The direct and indirect impacts of invalid traffic
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Invalid traffic and its impacts on advertising performance

Understand the varying degree of impacts advertising is susceptible to based on the strategies employed by businesses to protect their ad spend.

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Key considerations when choosing an invalid traffic prevention solution

If the correct platform is not deployed, advertising budgets will continue to be subject to invalid traffic in all its evolving forms; leaving businesses further out of pocket.

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The future of digital advertising and the evolution of fraud tactics

Countries with high smartphone penetration and app engagement provide a high addressable base of users and thus the potential for IVT - becoming top targets for fraudsters.

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Addressing Ad Fraud Through
Multipoint Analysis and Machine Learning

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