Ad Fraud & Seasonal Advertising

From religious and cultural events like Chinese New Year, Christmas and Diwali to retail extravaganzas like Amazon Prime Day, Harbolnas, and Singles Day - there are many events year round that drive big surges in consumer spending.

Unfortunately, ad fraud can often stand in the way of your ads reaching these high-intent shoppers. Download our guide to learn more about how the fleeting nature of seasonal advertising compounds the impacts of ad fraud and how you can protect your seasonal ad spend.

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How ad fraud impacts seasonal campaigns 

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The trillion dollar opportunity cost of ad fraud

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How you can protect your seasonal ad spend

Global businesses preventing ad fraud with TrafficGuard

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Ad Fraud & Seasonal Advertising

The biggest cost of ad fraud is not the 15% wasted budget, but the return that it could have generated if it went towards real users. 

In this guide, TrafficGuard explores the increase in cost of ad fraud during big shopping events and the holiday season, as consumer-spend surges across the world.