Ad fraud & seasonal advertising

Riding the wave of seasonal shopping intent

Cultural and shopping events like Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year and Black Friday drive huge surges in consumer spending - presenting massive opportunities for you to reach an audience with an inflated desire to shop. However, ad fraud often gets in the way!

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How ad fraud impacts seasonal campaigns

At a time when businesses are already grappling with the challenges presented by COVID-19, ad fraud can further exacerbate the issue by draining up to 30% ad spend and restricting ads from reaching the high-intent shoppers. 

The trillion dollar opportunity cost of ad fraud

As the festivities and shopping extravaganzas beckon, brands are investing significant time, effort and dollars on campaigns, ready to capitalise on seasonal waves of shopping intent. But where the money goes, ad fraud is sure to follow! 

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Fraud Prevention, the gift that keeps giving

Protecting your campaigns with proactive fraud prevention drives your advertising performance not just during seasonal fluctuations, but all year round, for the best advertising returns.

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